Direct Voice of the Customer


We listen to the voice of your customers in the exact direct channel they prefer to communicate with you.
sandsiv+ VOCHUB easily integrates with the CRM of your choice and, after a certain pre-defined event, invites your customers to share their experiences in whatever channel your customer wants. Feedbacks are then analyzed and insights integrated within your organization in real-time.


After your survey is ready, you can distribute the it and invite respondents to take part in it. Invite respondents sending them email invitations, allowing them to answer from whatever device they like. Don’t worry, the page is responsive and it adapts to the device’s screen.


Not just surveys. From sandsiv+ VOC HUB you can easily manage landing pages and web content. Create and apply whatever web template you want. Manage HTML and CSS to respect your corporate identity.


Yes, it sound boring but SMS is one important channel to invite your customer sharing their voices. Our platform can send out SMS invites where your customer can answer back using SMS or switching to web. When email address is missing, you can still contact your clients on their mobile phone.


Contact your customers on land line and mobile phone using a proactive and smart voice channel. Our IVR can manage outbound calls to your customers capturing their scores on DTMF tones. You can still using open questions, record the voice of your customers and transcribe those messages automatically.


We live in a digital world and web intercepts are a powerful tool for collecting customer feedback. Run digital intercepts on desktop and mobile versions of your website or self-care portal. Trigger digital intercepts according to visitor behaviour or specific objects in your web contents.


Ask in your app for customer feedbacks. Thanks to several RESTful endpoints, you can easily integrate feedback forms embedded in your app. Your app developer decides when and where to popup the feedback request.

Do you want to improve your NetPromoter Score?

83% of customers would trust recommendations from the people they know. We believe that people close to us can give us a better advice when choosing a product or service.
sandsiv+ VOC HUB is the ultimate platform to support your NPS program. From the NPS practitioners to the NPS practitioners.

Direct Voice of the Customer
Direct Voice of the Customer
Online And Offline
Under The Same Roof

sandsiv+ Is a fully customizable customer feedback management (CFM) solution that can capture the Voice of the Customer across multiple channels, including SMS, IVR, email, web, digital channels, all in multiple languages and across multiple touch points.

Easy To Use
And Full Self-service
Easy to use graphic user interface.
Real-time trigger of invitations on specific customer journey milestones.
Real-time survey customers at the endof a moment-of-truth event.
Easily manage Customer Contact Strategy.
Real-time alerts based on specific customer answers metadata or concept mentioned in answers to open-ended questions.
Direct Voice of the Customer
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Direct Voice of the Customer
Direct Voice of the Customer
Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.
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Direct Voice of the Customer
Direct Voice of the Customer
He who would search for pearls must dive below.
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Direct Voice of the Customer
The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.
John Tukey
Direct Voice of the Customer
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Direct Voice of the Customer

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