Voice of the Customer: A Great Source of Customer Data

Voice of the Customer: A Great Source of Customer Data

Over the last two years, Voice of the Customer (VoC) technology has matured considerably. This maturity has been driven by parallel advances in the enabling technologies that empower VoC tech, such as Big Data and analytics.

Indeed, our own flagship Voice of the Customer product, the SandSIV VoC Hub™, is now far more powerful, with far more features, than it was just last year when we launched version 1.0.

One of the ways that Voice of the Customer technology has matured, is in its ability to capture VoC data from indirect sources of the customer voice. This includes social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and a source we are going to take a look at today, customer review sites.

There are dozens of popular customer review sites, with Yelp being the most popular. These are websites that allow consumers to post independent reviews of a product/service/brand/company.

Whilst many companies do monitor the largest of the customer review sites, with a view to discovering negative reviews and either responding to them, or using them to drive business changes, this is far from the optimal use of these sites.

Coming back to the advances in both Big Data and analytics tech, we can now begin to uses these independent consumer reviews in the same way that we already use other forms of unstructured text, such as verbatim responses to a customer feedback survey.

By scraping these consumer review sites for any and all reviews that pertain to a company, we gain access to a vast volume of unstructured text. This text can be automatically classified (using a product such as SandSIV VoC Classify). It can also be mined and analyzed (using a product such as SandSIV VoC Mine). Finally, we can present the insights uncovered from the Voice of the Customer captured from these review sites (using a product such as SandSIV VoC Visual).

Where these consumer review sites excel, is in the sheer volume of VoC data that is freely available. Where social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are notoriously hard to scrape due to some users operating strict privacy settings, these review sites are all publically accessible. Therefore, we have complete access to all of the text that forms the review.

We also need to consider the purity of independent consumer reviews. These are a source of unsolicited VoC data. Unlike customer feedback surveys, where the customer will often say what they think the company wishes to hear, or that the customer will tone down, not wishing to be confrontational, independent reviews are often more truthful.

SandSIV has helped many companies to begin extracting actionable insights from Voice of the Customer data that has been captured from sources such as customer review sites. If you would like to speak to one of our consultants, to learn how we can help your company achieve the same, then contact us at info@sandsiv.com.