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It was back at the beginning of April that we first mentioned our new VoC Hub product here at SandSIV, in a blog post titled VoC Hub Sneak Peek. And then around a week ago, we officially published a white paper that covers the actual features of the VoC Hub and the technology used to provide these features in this post.

When we originally announced the publishing of the new VoC Hub white paper, we never expected it to be as popular as it has been. So far, hundreds of people have downloaded this free resource.

For those that missed it, the new white paper covers several topics that pertain to the launch of the new SandSIV flagship product, VoC Hub. And this includes:

The evolution of CRM

  • CRM versus VoC
  • The three voices of the customer
  • The benefits of centralized VoC repository
  • Customer Intelligence from VoC insights
  • Introducing Big Data
  • Comparison of No SQL versus traditional SQL databases
  • The power of real-time always-on analytics

The SandSIV VoC Hub is an end-to-end solution for capturing, analyzing and visualizing not just the Voice of the Customer, but all sources of customer knowledge.

A combination of four specific customer developed Voice of the Customer applications, and an intelligent, underlying Big Data repository, the SandSIV VoC Hub can take any and all sources of customer date, and turn them into actionable customer intelligence, in real time.

This resulting customer intelligence can be visualized using a customizable dashboard, or it can be used to drive always-on business rules, triggering events and actions based up pre-defined criteria.

The white paper explains how the VoC Hub can be used as the basis of an entire Voice of the Customer platform that unifies all customer data, from all silos, into a single repository of customer intelligence.

This white paper is available as a free download from our website, at the following URL:



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