UK Telco Speaks Out On CEM

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The Total Telecom Customer Experience Summit took place in London last week. Among the key speakers was Wayne Schutte, the Director of Customer Experience for Everything Everywhere Ltd. Mr. Schutte delivered a straight talking address, and put forth the analogy that customer care is like landing a plane.

Why did Wayne Schutte compare customer care to landing a plane? Well, he had a pretty convincing argument to support this analogy. He told the audience that the key to customer experience management is keeping things simple. He compared CEM to air travel, where every part of the journey is important, but some are more basic than others, and some are entirely critical, such as making a successful landing.

Wayne Schutte pointed out that telecoms operators face a particular problem when tackling CEM. This problem stems from the fact that most customers only contact their provider when they have a problem with the service, or an issue with billing. Due to this fact, the brand is exposed to a potential reduction in value at each touch point. He further explained that this is why telcos need to approach customer experience management carefully.

Here at CustVox we have a history of helping telecoms companies tackle this kind of problem head on, and we have to say that we agree with Wayne Schutte’s comments. Building a full 360 degree view of the customer experience is vital as part of any CEM initiative, but for telcos it is possibly the most effective way for companies to equip themselves with the tools required to effectively handle these potentially harmful consumer interactions. By capturing the Voice of the Customer (VoC) as part of dealing with these touch points, the company is able to begin to extract truly valuable insights, and make changes to the way in which customer problems are handled, not simply the resolution, but also the path to resolution.

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