Text Mining Made Easy: Long Live Lemmatisation

When it comes to text mining applications, not all are created equal. Even today, many tech vendors selling supposedly enterprise grade text mining tools, rely on antiquated methods and technology, such as keyword lists to get the job done.

These tools can take an age to configure, due to the requirement to generate long lists of keywords and phrases. And are also notoriously inaccurate. In truth, it is inexcusable to see these kinds of text mining tools still being touted as cutting edge applications. The world overtook these dinosaurs several years ago.

Advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, mean that text mining tools can now be far simpler to configure and operate, and far more accurate at providing meaningful results.

Take for example the SandSIV text mining tool, VoC Mine. This is a true NLP application, that uses advanced text mining concepts to make uncovering insights buried within large volumes of text, very easy.

At the heart of VoC Mine is a set of NLP algorithms that rely upon lemmatization, to entirely remove the requirement for setting up long lists of keywords and phrases.

A simple explanation of how lemmatization works, is that words with a similar meaning are automatically grouped. For example, if we were mining a chunk of customer feedback text, and the words price, cost and expense are used across different feedbacks, from multiple sources, lemmatization would group all of these together automatically as having the same basic meaning.

In the past, we needed to set up world lists manually, to group these together, a very time consuming task. But with SandSIV VoC Mine, this is all done automatically. Indeed, for most applications, absolutely no specialized setup is required to start using VoC Mine to pull facts out of large volumes of text data. By using a very easy word cloud style interface, with advanced filtering, users of VoC Mine are free to uncover insights in a very easy way.

If you are currently using a text mining tool that eats up valuable resources, due to the requirement to manage and maintain exhaustive keyword lists, then you may wish to contact SandSIV and info@sandsiv.com and arrange for a demo of VoC Mine. Text mining without the headache.

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