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A while ago, we published a blog post giving a sneak peek into the new SandSIV VoC Hub unified Customer Experience Management platform. Within that post, we promised to follow up with a new white paper, one that would delve deeply into the functionality of the new SandSIV VoC Hub, and also the technology that drives it.

We are now very pleased to let our readers know that this new white paper has now been published. It can be downloaded, completely free of charge, at the following URL:

Within this white paper, we explain just what the VoC Hub is, and how it can be used to provide a single, unified platform for capturing, and acting upon, the Voice of the Customer.

The white paper contains a wealth of technical information, which explains in depth, how the VoC Hub takes all of our existing VoC products, and unifies them within a single, easy to use graphical user interface.

It also goes on to explain the power of the underlying Big Data repository that is responsible for integrating all sources of customer knowledge, and this includes internal sources such as CRM, ERP, financial records, support logs, and indeed, absolutely any source of customer data. It also includes external sources of the Voice of the Customer, such as customer feedback survey responses, social commentary and other sources.

This provides an entirely 360 degree view of customers, and their relationship with the business. A view that can be used to provide truly actionable Customer Intelligence (CI).

Within the white paper, we also explain how the new VoC Hub uses Big Data related technology, including MongoDB, Apache SOLR, STORM, Neo4J and Hadoop, to provide a data store that can be integrated into existing systems with a vastly reduced overhead in implementation, and a reduced cost in platform maintenance.

Gartner Research has said that, “A new era of customer relationships, in which customers are the new employees, and have a voice that needs to be listened to, respected and acted upon, will be unavoidable for the vast majority of organizations over the coming decade. VoC-focused technologies will become critical investment areas for many organizations during the next five years.”

The SandSIV VoC Hub is the perfect platform for exploiting this new era of customer relationships, and turning the Voice of the Customer into a limitless stream of Customer Intelligence.


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