SandSIV VoC Hub Sneak Peek

Something very exciting is about to happen here at SandSIV. Following a long development cycle, our new flagship product, the SandSIV VoC Hub will officially be launched in the coming few days.

In today’s blog post, we are going to take a pre-launch peek into what the SandSIV VoC Hub is, and how it will help to empower our clients to begin to benefit from a truly 360 degree view of the customer experience, within an completely unified environment.

At a basic level, the VoC Hub takes all of our current product line-up, and brings them into a single, standardized interface. Every modular product that SandSIV has developed, can be plugged in to the VoC Hub, and managed from within it.

Sitting underneath the VoC Hub is our custom developed Big Data repository, VoC Store. This is a multi-layered data warehouse with intelligent pre-processing of incoming data streams. By leveraging technologies such as MongoDB, Apache Solr, Apache Storm, and NEO4J, we have developed a Big Data repository that is fast, scalable, and fully fault tolerant.

We can now take data from absolutely any source, and pipe it into VoC Store. This data is intelligently analyzed in real-time, and becomes available within the VoC Hub framework instantly. It can then be accessed using every SandSIV Product.

For many years here at SandSIV, we have developed ground breaking Voice of the Customer (VoC) technology. Technology that is used by major companies such as Emirates, UPC Cablecom, and Kabel Deutschland as in intrinsic part of their CXM programs.

With the launch of the SandSIV VoC Hub, we can now provide a single platform, which provides an end-to-end system for managing all aspects of the customer experience, using technology that can capture and analyze the direct, indirect and inferred voice of the customer, and then turn them into pure customer intelligence. These customer insights can then be viewed using a range of interfaces, from simple BI reports to a fully user configurable real-time dashboard.

VoC Hub from SandSIV represents the very leading edge of Voice of the Customer driven technology, and is able to give every client the ability to learn what consumers are saying to the business, what they are saying about the business, and also what they are thinking about the business. A truly 360 degree view of the customer experience, that can be used to drive strategic business decisions, and proactively act upon the wants and needs of consumers.

Within the coming few days, we will publish a full technical white paper covering the capabilities and benefits of the SandSIV VoC Hub, and an overview of the technology that powers it. So be sure to check back for more info.


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