SandSIV Successfully Launches VoC Classify

Today we actually get to post about the company that sponsors this Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience & Big Data Blog. SandSIV is a Swiss based developer of Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Big Data Analytics technology, as well as a provider of Customer Experience Management (CXM) consultancy services. SandSIV has recently launched its new VoC analytics platform, named VoC Classify, and has already deployed it into IMD, a leading Swiss business school.

VoC Classify delivers the capability to perform data modelling and classification upon Big Data silos, through applied analytics. The classification engine used by VoC Classify uses intelligent n-Gram algorithms, and a fully featured Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework. The user interface of VoC classify is intuitive to use, and provides limitless customer intelligence in a simple to understand format.

IMD uses SandSIV VoC Classify

IMD first began seeking ways to improve its customer experience as far back as 2009. IMD settled upon Net Promoter Score (NPS) driven KPI’s as its chosen method for measuring performance. Across the next three years, IMD captured responses from over 8,000 customer surveys.

IMD discovered that although it had a large warehouse of potentially valuable VoC data, it didn’t have any way to extract and exploit the insights it believed this warehouse contained. SandSIV was tasked with providing a solution that would enable IMD to begin leveraging the value inherent in this historic VoC data, and move the companies CXM strategy forward.

SandSIV deployed its new VoC Classify product, providing IMD with the capability to develop its own classification rules autonomously. This resulted in a solution that is highly granular, extremely accurate, and totally secure. The classifications generated by VoC Classify are distributed throughout the enterprise using IMD’s existing reporting infrastructure.

VoC Classify takes up where IMD’s ageing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system leaves off, and has empowered the company to begin mining actionable customer intelligence insights from its Big Data repository.


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