Marina Mandarin Hotel Rolls Out Mobile CEM

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Marina Mandarin is the very first Singapore hotel to take a proactive stance towards the customer experience using a mobile CEM application. This new mobile CEM application, titled OneGuest Mobile Solutions, is however, only available on the Apple iPad and iPhone range of mobile devices, which does restrict its effectiveness somewhat. Possibly a more sensible option would have been to develop an HTML 5.0 based application, instead of a native iOS app, as this would have run on the whole range of mobile devices including those running the Google Android OS, and Blackberry smartphones. Indeed, any portable device with an HTML 5.0 compatible browser would have gained access to the OneGuest Mobile Solutions mobile CEM app.

Marina Mandarin Hotel already operates what it calls its Customer Centric Initiative (CCI), and the implementation of this mobile CEM app is just part of the hotel’s overall Customer Experience Management strategy.

The new OneGuest Mobile Solutions mobile CEM app actually combines three applications in to one. These are OneGuest Menu, OneGuest Manage and OneGuest Admin. These three applications all link directly to the hotel’s point of sales system, and service staff are able to view customer feedback in real-time via the OneGuest back end systems.

Marina Mandarin Hotel has stated that it has achieved around a 33% increase in customer satisfaction by implementing this new mobile CEM app. However, we have to ask the question, how much of this increase was due to the customers no longer dealing with real-world staff to place orders and make inquiries? When guests order via the OneGuest Menu app, there is no room for bad service, a person to person touch point has been removed. Whilst this does help to raise customer satisfaction, it does not solve the underlying problem of employing badly trained staff, with little commitment to the customer, which was one of the stated reasons why the Marina Mandarin Hotel developed this new mobile CEM map. In effect, they are sweeping the problem under the carpet. Is the problem solved? Well yes, but not at a roots level, it has simply been sidestepped.

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