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A subject we have covered quite frequently here before, is how difficult it can be to prove the ROI of any new Voice of the Customer (VoC) project. We have, in the past, discussed how potential ROI can be calculated, and we have also published white paper covering this. However, the concept of proving the ROI in VoC revolves around a company having access to the kind of expertise required to performing this complex analytical task. For many companies, this means buying in expensive resources just to prove the value of a potential project. This is quite understandably, often a major hurdle.

SandSIV has been aware of this problem for some time, and has now taken steps to solve it. Enter stage right, our new VoC Jumpstart package. A product that is designed from the ground up to be a cost effective way for any company to evaluate the potential of implementing a full Voice of the Customer program.

VoC Jumpstart combines SandSIV’s expert Customer Experience Management (CXM) consultancy, alongside its acclaimed Voice of the Customer technology, in to a four week program that sees SandSIV deliver an in-depth analysis of the current VoC position of the client company, based on actual customer feedback gathered using SandSIV VoC applications.

Each client that takes advantage of the VoC Jumpstart package will be able to begin capturing customer feedback via VoC Feedback, the SandSIV EFM tool. This customer feedback will then be analyzed by SandSIV, to uncover the main pain points along the customer journey. Additionally, we will also take a look at the effectiveness of any KPI the company currently uses.

At the end of the project, SandSIV will present its findings to the client company, and also demonstrate how the analyzed customer feedback can be mined for customer insights using VoC Visual, our Customer Intelligence visualization application.

Overall, VoC Jumpstart is an attractive proposition for any company that is sure that there is value to be found in the Voice of the Customer, but is unable to procure funding for a full VoC project, until this value has been demonstrated to senior decision makers.

Any company interested in learning more about the new VoC Jumpstart package from SandSIV, can contact us by email

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