Going Beyond Voice of the Customer (VOC)

When we talk about Voice of the Customer (VoC), we understand that we are discussing a way of capturing customer knowledge from the direct, indirect and also the inferred voice. Voice of the Customer based enterprise applications have matured significantly in the last two years. An offshoot of this maturity, is that we have begun to realize that many more business entities have a potential voice we could listen too. So let’s take a look at a few of them.

– Voice of the Employee (VoE) – This is kind of the flip side of Voice of the Customer. If VoC lets us gain a view of how the customer journey is working out, then VoE lets us gain a view of how delivering that customer journey is affecting the business.

– Voice of the Customer through Employees (VoCE) – This relates to both VoC and VoE in many ways. It is the kind of customer knowledge we can gain by listening to the things that our customer facing staff have learned about the consumers they interact with.

– Voice of the Business (VoB) – Here we are talking about all of those facts that make up the current state of the business in general. This includes things such as financial status, KPI status, and operational metrics.

– Voice of the Product (VoP) – As the Internet of Things comes up to speed, and smart products begin to gain mainstream traction, then we are going to be able to discover how consumers interact with products, both during the purchasing phase, and during the usage phase.

– Voice of the Market (VoM) – This is a combination of several sources of date. Including market research, market benchmark, brand measurement and anything else we can learn about the market the company operates within.

It seems that each month we come out with a new Voice of the Something. Of course, some of this is simply giving a new name to existing methodologies, and another chunk of it is simply jumping on the latest trendy bandwagon.

However, one thing we should consider here, is the fact that with all of these examples, we are seeing a paradigm shift, whereby we are proactively monitoring, or listening to these voices, rather than only seeking insights from existing data when a problem arises.

What is really exciting, is that it is entirely possible to begin combining all these sources of knowledge. In this case, we would potentially end up with something called the Voice of Truth (VoT). A fully fleshed out, analyzable footprint of the exact state of the enterprise in real-time.

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