Ericsson Begins Middle Eastern CRM Initiative

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The increasing number of people using mobile computing devices to access the internet on the go, provides telecoms companies with some major opportunities, but also some unique challenges to overcome.  The telecoms industry is a competitive market, and operators need to find ways to add value to the services they offer, to make them stand out from the competition. Improving the customer relationship to boost brand loyalty is one of the ways that telecoms companies can achieve this. So it is not surprising to learn that Ericsson is looking to leverage value from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Middle East, to provide them with a strategic advantage.

Ericsson is deploying a new CRM solution, which is fully integrated into the current billing system used by Ericsson in the Middle East. The stated goals of this project are to address the needs of customers more fully during support calls, and to assist customer service operators in delivering a higher level of service.

However, something we find a little strange is that a major corporation such as Ericsson, operating within a huge potential market such as the Middle East, is deploying an incomplete solution? Whilst CRM may be an excellent set of methodologies and technologies to capture customer feedback and warehouse it, without taking the final step in creating a full CEM solution which provides a truly holistic, 360 degree view of the customer experience, Ericsson will fail to extract the most value from data silod by the new CRM system.

Put simply, CRM has the ability to generate huge volumes of big data, but lacks the tools to mine this date, and produce real-time actionable business insights. CRM is but a part of the overall big picture of Customer Experience Management (CEM), and to see such a major corporation as Ericsson stop short of deploying a full CEM solution, is something of a surprise.

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