Customer Satisfaction + Employee Engagement = Revenue

When it comes to Customer Experience management, there is a clearly measurable relationship between employee engagement, and revenue. It all comes down to the very simple fact that happy employees, will typically result in happy customers, at least where customer facing staff are concerned.

Until recently, although we knew that logically there must be a link between Customer Experience Management, employee engagement and revenue, it has not been easy to prove. However, Answers Corporation has just undertaken some research, in an attempt to prove this link.

This research study combined the experience of employees across 500 American companies, with the experience of 40,000 consumers who had interacted with those companies in some way.

By combining both of these research results, Answers Corporation was able to discern some real insight sin to how employee engagement affect the customer experience, and thus revenue.

Within the published results, we find that the top 25 performing companies when it comes to customer satisfaction, are also the ones that exhibit the highest levels of employee engagement.

Customer habits are changing, with a shift towards a more online, mobile way of purchasing, and interacting with the companies they purchase products/services from. The most successful companies in the research results, from a Customer Experience Management point of view, are also those that have engaged their employees above and beyond the simple customer facing situation. These companies have proactively encouraged employees to embrace new technology, and begin to interact with consumers across alternative channels such as social media sites.

So how did these companies manage to engage their employees at this level? One of the common themes that runs through these research results, is that top level decision makers made sure that every member of the workforce understood how, and why the company was striving for CXM excellence.

As far as we know, this is the first time that a research study has taken a deep dive look at the convergence between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. We have always suspected that high levels of employee engagement would result in higher levels of customer satisfaction, but now we have definitive proof.

SandSIV has helped dozens of large enterprises to improve employee engagement in Customer Experience Management. And we can now clearly see that this does indeed have a positive effect upon revenue. If you would like to know more, then please contact us at and one of our consultancy team will be pleased to speak with you.

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