Barclays Bank Working Smart and Gathering VoC Data

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When it comes to finding valuable channels for capturing the Voice of the Customer (VoC), most companies tend to focus on existing channels. Not so for Barclays Bank, which has recently set up a new website, titled Your Bank that is entirely aimed at capturing the Voice of the Customer.

Your Bank is a website that actively encourages customers to air their views and opinions on the services and products offered by Barclays Bank. Customers can air complaints, share ideas and also vote on prospective changes and additions to the Barclays Bank service offering.

Barclays Bank Your Bank

This will obviously produce an incredibly valuable stream of VoC data, and Barclays Bank is working very smart here. By giving its clients a way to voice their opinions, both negative and positive, in a socially enabled, entirely public way, the company is sure to gain an incredible volume of customer insights that will allow it to improve the customer experience.

Your Bank is so much more than a simple survey site though, although a questions and answers section does make up a large part of the website. Customers are actively encouraged to share stories of their customer experience, which can then become the basis of public discussion. A pure stream of VoC data, across all three voices, direct, indirect and inferred. A very clever way of capturing the Voice of the Customer indeed.

As a follow up, Barclays Bank is also creating video content covering the best ideas that users of Your Bank come up with, and posting them on YouTube. Of course, the YouTube comments are yet again, another fantastic source of valuable VoC data.

Very few companies take such a proactive stance on encouraging consumers to provide this volume of VoC data. This is a brave move by Barclays Bank, but one that we think will definitely pay dividends and deliver and excellent ROI.


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